Surfboard cover - Delina

$89 $99

This surfboard cover for your favorite surfboard, during trips to and from the beach, extra protection from dings, scratches and wax melting off your board from the sun, sand does not stick to this material so you won't be taking the beach home with you.

This surfboard cover design 'Delina' is the first of our spring 19’ series, this exclusive pattern is a tribute to my late mother, who let me surf every day before and after school, because she saw how happy it made me, this detailed design reminds me of her personality, so this one is for her. Gae Delina Robertson Walker


Fish 5'8 (fits up to 6'4) - 48cm wide

Shortboard 6'2 (fit us to 6'8) - 48cm wide
Longboard 9'2 (fits up to 9'8) - 53cm wide

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